uch a difficult question! Deciding between the Empriente Artsy and Tote has been the hardest LV decision I've ever made...but so far I think I'm leaning towards getting the Tote first because of the zipper. I wanted the Ombre as well until I saw the Infini so I can understand why you're reconsidering the color...they're both beautiful. Did you feel like you had a stronger attraction to the Infini when you first saw it vs the attraction when you first saw the Ombre? What louis vuitton purse the haul, this should tie me over while I wait for the Empriente Artsy in brown louis vuitton bags I vote Sarah, because I want one too :) louis vuitton shop I love mine. It's a good workhorse kind of bag. The outside pockets are quite handy to put your little things in as well as the cellphone pocket and bigger pocket inside. It carries all my stuff plus my children's stuff.I like the wide strap on it actually, too! louis vuitton So, I got my Artsy today !! I'm thrilled to finally have it. So right now it's just sitting on my bed. I'm afraid to use it. I've never had a purse that cost that much . Am I alone in this ? louis vuitton shop I have delightful pm , it is about the size of a neverfull mm. Mine has plenty of room. louis vuitton bags .